Brief History of Poker


If you like to experience intense emotions and have fun, chances are you’ve played poker before or have heard about the game. To win the great challenges of this game, participants must pay attention to the cards they receive and know the best moment to show their hand.

Many people have tried their luck at casino tables to prove their logical thinking skills and poker strategy, as well as seek the reward of the ultimate prize, but do you know where the game originated?

The path of poker around the world

History of Poker

First of all, poker is one of the most popular games in the world, its origin is associated with the peoples of the ancient Middle East, this game would have emerged in the year 900 AD in China, this type of card game is possibly a variation of the Chinese game of dominoes.

Other theories suggest that poker was invented by the Persians, with records dating back to the 17th century. Poker is believed to be an adaptation of the game As Nas, in which up to 5 players participated with a reduced number of 25 cards per round.

Similarly, the French are credited with spreading poker to other European countries and, through French settlers, introducing the famous game to the United States, specifically to the city of New Orleans around 1803.

As the game of poker became better known in that city, it spread throughout America, until Nevada became one of the top entertainment destinations with its luxurious Las Vegas casinos.

How to play poker at Online Casino

online Poker

Today the different versions of poker can be accessed over the internet, the online casino is interactive, secure and allows you to play and bet conveniently from your home or office using a mobile device.

In addition, you can participate in multi-table tournaments among other game modes, once you have read and confirmed the game policies.

Poker rules are easy to learn, in Texas Hold ’em for example, each player receives 2 cards from the dealer at the beginning of the game and during the game you can ask for more cards to improve your hand or keep your cards until the result of the game is defined.

World’s Best Known Online Versions

As the years have passed and technologies have developed, casino games like poker have been improved and gained admirers around the world.

The most successful and entertaining online poker games today are Texas Hol’em, Omaha HiLo, Games Omaha and Poker Snap, it is possible to play according to your budget and level of knowledge of the game.

Poker has definitely evolved over time, and from its emergence as a card game in ancient times to today in its online version, it has unified a form of entertainment that can be experienced by players from any country without limitation of language or geography.

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