Is it possible to treat sports betting addiction? Is there a solution?

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Gambling and sports betting are on the rise and with this boom many people ended up entering this medium in order to get rich and make a living, however, not everything is flowers and, in some cases, what is supposed to be a recreation ends up becoming a very scary problem.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a person who is addicted to gambling and sports betting has the following characteristics:

  • Lack of control over gambling (intensity, frequency and time invested);
  • Gives preference to gambling over other life interests and activities of daily living;
  • Continued or even escalated gambling, even with negative consequences;
  • Behavior that results in significant harm in personal, family, social, educational, and occupational areas.

Did you realize how sad and painful the life of a gambling addict is? That’s why we decided to produce this content, after all, besides wanting to make you do well in sports betting, we also want the best for your health.

Gambling and sports betting addiction: how not to become a gambling addict?


This is a very important topic. Gambling and sports betting addiction is a serious problem, and you don’t have to get into it. Sports betting is growing daily, and every day we can see advertisements on television and in conversations with friends about this activity. 

It is indeed a lot of fun to study statistics, watch the sports news and place your bet, but many users can’t do it in a healthy and recreational way and that is where the problem lies. Sports betting should be something light and seen as a long-term investment.

Or better: you can make sports betting just a leisure activity and a way to test your knowledge about sports. Why spend time, energy and, above all, money on something that can ruin your life?

Sports betting addiction is something serious, and if you want to continue in this world of hunches and predictions, you should take it as a hobby.

Below, we will give you some tips on how not to become a betting addict.

Tips to avoid becoming a gambling addict 

Check out the list we have prepared for you so that you can continue betting, but in the right way and without compromising your life:

  • Want to start gambling? Use money that will not compromise your income. Putting your entire financial reserve into a high-risk investment is not a good idea. In fact, it is a very bad idea;
  • Study what you are doing. You can be profitable if you study and know the market you are trading. Moreover, you can avoid disappointment;
  • Set aside some time for you to bet. Betting all day will compromise your social and professional life;
  • NEVER go out gambling without knowing what you are doing. As we said: study where you are investing your precious money;
  • Don’t gamble while you work,
  • Have a fixed income and never let betting take over your routine. Remember: betting, if you are starting out, should be fun.

I realized that I am getting into a sports betting addiction: what to do?

Gambling and sports betting

Calm down, if you realize that you are getting into sports betting addiction, it is a sign that things are not good, but that you feel you need help as soon as possible. Before you despair, do a mental exercise and answer the following questions:

  1. Have you ever fought with your family members over sports betting?
  2. Are the results of the bets causing you to lose emotional control? For example: have you broken something, are you always complaining or cursing?
  3. Have you been investing money that is a priority to pay bills or essential activities?
  4. When you have a green, do you immediately go in search of another one? And when you lose? Do you go after immediate recovery?
  5. Are you breaking even (losing everything you have)?
  6. Have you lent money to be able to place your bets?
  7. Have you sold assets in order to have money to gamble more?
  8. Have you ever done something illegal in order to have more money to invest in sports betting?
  9. Have you ever lost a night’s sleep?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a bad sign. We recommend focusing on this problem right away: follow the tips we’ve listed above, make your own research, and do your best to fight the addiction! And remember,  it is possible to stop – there are no unsolvable problems. Good luck!

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